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New walkthrough from Triotech opens at Lotte World

Triotech, market leader in interactive attractions, and Lotte World, South Korea’s leading theme park owner and operator, have announced the opening of the innovative BATTLEGROUNDS WORLD AGENT walkthrough attraction.

Set in the universe of PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS, it officially opened to the public on 5 May in Seoul. The walkthrough adventure utilises interactivity, immersion, media, motion, and projection mapping to create a thrilling journey for guests.

Visitors embark on a group experience with up to 16 people as they journey through three zones, each featuring a
unique attraction that challenges them. The project was completed by Triotech’s inhouse studio, engineering, and R&D teams, and includes the design, story, show, theming, audio, and special effects. The attraction covers over 750 square metres.

Ernest Yale, president and CEO of Triotech, commented: “Opening the PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS walkthrough attraction at Lotte World in Seoul is a thrilling moment for us at Triotech. We are excited to share this interactive experience with our client and their guests, and we hope they will enjoy stepping into the world of PUBG like never before.”

He added: “Collaborating with Lotte World to bring this project to life has been a great honour for our team. We take pride in delivering top-quality media-based experiences that engage and entertain audiences, and we believe that the PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS walkthrough attraction will exceed their expectations. We can’t wait to see the reaction from the guests and witness the excitement it brings to Lotte World.”

Mr Choi, CEO of Lotte World, said: “We believe that this highly immersive experience with the universe of PUBG:
BATTLEGROUNDS will create unforgettable memories for our guests and is a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence in entertainment.”

As guests enter the BATTLEGROUNDS WORLD AGENT experience, they are immediately transported to the iconic universe of PUBG. They embark on a thrilling journey aboard a C-130 transport plane, eager to participate in an epic battleground on the island of Erangel. However, their plans take a dramatic turn when debris from an explosion near an abandoned power facility hits the plane, causing it to crash-land at the Sosnovka Military Base.

In this intense and immersive game experience, 16 survivors must band together to face unfamiliar threats and  ruthless enemies who will stop at nothing to prevent their escape.

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