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New rides from Amusement Technical

The British ride manufacturer Amusement Technical is working on a number of new products including a mid-size panoramic observation tower, available up to 40-metres in height, a 20-metre Ferris Wheel, monorail and dark ride transportation system.

Also available is a coin-operated version of the company’s Rodeo Trail pony ride.

The tower and the wheel can be supplied with a base frame, reducing the need for any foundation work. “This is becoming a common request,” says Amusement Technical’s Sean Brian. ”Many park operators, whilst not wanting to pay the premium associated with a travelling version, do not want to invest heavily in civil works and like the flexibility of being able to move rides around the park and between locations.”

Making the most of his ride repair and refurbishment experience, Brian also intends to offer an upgrade package to operators of Pinfari rollercoasters. Included are a dual redundant lap restraint system in accordance with PREN13814 and a modern control system compliant with the UK’s HSG175 standard. The remodelling of coaster cars/trains is also an option.

“There are still a large number of Pinfari coasters in operation both in the UK and elsewhere,” notes Brian. “A lot of people are finding that the control systems on them, for example, are not compliant with current standards and when they break them down many parts are obsolete. We believe therefore there is a need for upgrades.”Pictured: A Ferris Wheel design produced for an animal park

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