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New ride details at Diggerland USA

Construction-themed adventure park Diggerland USA in New Jersey has released details of two more of the five new attractions being added for their upcoming 2018 season: Elevation Station and Ventrac Tractors join the recently debuted Soaring Eagle Zip Line as part of the park’s multi-million dollar expansion.


Elevation Station seats five guests across an operating platform and raises them up to a maximum height of just under 60 feet (18 m). “At its maximum height our guests will be able to view all of Diggerland, the surrounding forest, businesses, and homes,” said operations manager Josh Karu.


Ventrac 3400Y, meanwhile, is a hydrostatic compact tractor from Ventrac Products, Inc. While the park already has over 25 attractions comprised of excavators, asphalt rollers and even amphibious vehicles, the new fleet of Ventracs will be the first class of tractors the property has seen. “While the Ventracs are one of many elements being added to the property as part of this massive off season expansion, they might be the most unique,” said Ilya Girlya, co-owner of Diggerland USA. “You’ve never seen a machine quite like this, and it’s just as much fun to operate as it looks!”

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