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New ride at Flamingo Land? Mumbo Jumbo!

El Loco coaster confirmed for ’09

The first S&S El Loco coaster in Europe will debut next summer at Flamingo Land in England. Named Mumbo Jumbo, it will feature a 96ft 125-degree drop – thought to be the steepest in the world.

Occupying a 185ft x 45ft footprint, the ride will take the place of Tidal Wave, a Vekoma flat ride recently advertised for sale in these pages. Mumbo Jumbo will be themed to fit in with its surroundings in the African Plains area of the park and feature black track with orange supports (see car sketch below).

The first El Loco coaster debuted this summer at Indiana Beach in the USA and features an interesting layout. Flamingo Land’s ride will be very similar but slightly larger, featuring a 700 hourly throughput. Mumbo Jumbo will be the Yorkshire park’s fifth rollercoaster, or ninth including kiddie coasters. The official opening is pencilled in for July 1.

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