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New hybrid coaster and waterslide from Wiegand Water Rides

Wiegand Water Rides has developed a new Slide Coaster that combines the most spectacular thrills of a roller coaster with the ultimate fun of a waterslide.

Imagine the moment when a guest is strapped into a roller coaster car. The adrenaline rises as they are launched from 0 to 50kph (30 mph) in only a few seconds, with a maximum acceleration up to 0.8 g. Then it’s time to cool down in a high speed water slide.

There are no stairs to climb, no raft to carry. Guests just enter the closed course on ground level and get shot upwards to the desired height of the ride. The actual length and inclination of the launch track can be extended to meet your specifications. The layouts of the following slides can be custom designed according to any floor plan. Because of the launch, the strong acceleration of 0.8g in the direction of travel is controlled while guaranteeing safety at the same time. Slide Coaster’s new technology allows the riders to experience thrills like never before, upgrading the adrenaline factor in the water park.

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