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New hires and sector growth boost ITEC Entertainment

ITEC Entertainment Corporation welcomes (L-R) Mark Salchli, David Cline, and Mike Rives

ITEC Entertainment Corporation, an industry leader of worldwide entertainment solutions, has announced three new additions to its team.

Mark Salchli has been hired as Director of Engineering, David Cline as Director of Sustaining Engineering & Manufacturing, and Mike Rives as Attraction Technical Design Director, to further strengthen the Entertainment Technology division of the company. Their expertise in building the complex technological backbone and technical elements of theme park rides and attractions will help drive new business for ITEC and ensure clients surpass safety standards.

Mark Salchli brings over 25 years of experience to the company as a director in disciplines such as engineering, safety, resource management, and team development. At ITEC, Mark is responsible for all stages of design for various control systems required to safely operate an attraction from inception through final construction and customer acceptance. His team works collaboratively with ITEC’s fabrication and installation teams to integrate the control systems within each location. Mark’s work also includes leading extensive training with clients to ensure that attractions are operated and maintained for maximum enjoyment and minimal downtime.

David Cline has nearly 20 years of professional experience in entertainment technologies such as audio, video and projection, including 12 years with The Walt Disney Company. Under David’s supervision, his team manufactures the various entertainment systems that are designed and engineered by ITEC. Once manufactured, David’s team interconnects the systems for extensive factory testing and installs the equipment in the attractions. David’s team is also responsible for client-side sustaining engineering support, as well as annual maintenance services for the systems.

Mike Rives has over 35 years of experience in developing entertainment technology systems and elements for attractions, as well as managing the technical design teams. Mike is responsible for overseeing ITEC’s Technical Directors that are tasked with leading the overall technical design of the attractions, ensuring that all technology is customized to the needs of the attraction and the facilities are appropriately designed to support the technology. Mike’s team is also in charge of special effects design and integration, show action equipment, and animated figures for the attractions, whether done in house or subcontracted to specialty vendors.

“Theme parks and attractions are increasing in immersion, spectacle and complexity, and thus require constant improvement to the technological systems and innovation that bring these elements to life. Mark, David and Mike will be instrumental in maintaining our dominant position in the market for developing the most flexible and cost-effective solutions that are safe, sustainable, and keeping pace with park operator needs.”

– Steve Alkhoja, executive vice president of entertainment technologies at ITEC Entertainment.

ITEC’s Entertainment Technologies division develops the technical design, media production, systems engineering manufacturing for many attractions around the world, including Fast & Furious – Supercharged and Harry Potter – Escape from Gringotts in Universal Studios Florida.

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