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New Cedar Point Shores waterpark opens

Cedar Point began as a simple bathing beach and bathhouse in 1870 Sandusky, Ohio. Today, Cedar Point is a summertime destination for families with 70 rides, including 17 roller coasters, a mile-long beach, five hotel properties, beautiful marinas and now, the new Cedar Point Shores Waterpark.


Cedar Point Shores is home to 17 brand new water attractions geared for everyone in the family. Thrill-seekers will experience near free-fall on the new Point Plummet, a six-story aqua-drop body slide from WhiteWater. Riders first climb into individual capsules at the top of the tower when after an ominous countdown of, “3-2-1,” the floor will drop from underneath riders’ feet.

On the same tower as Point Plummet, Portside Plunge provides thrills of a different kind, five stories above the ground. Riders can experience the slide alone or with a friend on an inner tube as they’re sent through an enclosed tunnel, then shot out into the sun over unique airtime hills.

and into a pool at the end of the ride.

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