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Multiple projects progressing at Intamin

At the recent IAAPA Expo, Intamin proudly displayed the lead car for the world’s fastest multi-launch coaster that will open 2020. Pantheon at Busch Gardens Williamsburg features four launches, reaching a top speed of 73 mph. But Intamin is multi-talented and delivers a variety of new attractions every year. According to Intamin’s Sascha Czibulka, its immersive Motion Tower that includes a media display was shown to a number of prospective clients. He also reports a strong demand for their LSM launch coasters.

Intamin also offers some compelling water rides. Their new 40 meter Giga Splash is a 24 or 40 passenger state-of-the-art Shoot-the-Chutes with a spiral lift leading to an 87º drop. Riders can enjoy 360º scenic views from the top before the thrilling drop. Also, Hot Racer is an in-line seating launch coaster powered by friction wheels.

“We’re busy for the near future,” said Czibulka, “so we’ll have some exciting installations in the coming years. Operators have realised that lead times are longer now and have adopted to it.”

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