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Multi-Activity Sports Centre opens in Shanghai Baoshan District

Shanghai X-EDGE, a one stop service provider for outdoor and indoor sports activities in China has completed a project to turn an industrial building into a multi-activity sports centre.

Located in the northern side of Shanghai and formerly an important stainless steel factory, Vankoo Sports Works is now a 4000 square metre multi-sports activities complex, featuring indoor skiing, rock climbing, high-rope adventure, caving and trampolining. It is currently China’s largest leisure sports complex with professional ski and rock climbing as the main activities. In addition, it also has the largest climbing wall area and the most climbing routes among China’s private climbing centres. The planning, design, construction, and operation were carried out independently by Shanghai X-EDGE Sports and Cultural Group.

Vankoo Sports Works opened its door to its customers in August 2020. Since then, it has become a popular destination for sports and leisure activities in Shanghai. There are thousands of families visited the venue and the average monthly number of customers is around 8000 with 4000 annual members.

The 766 square metre dry snow slope provides great opportunities for people who wish to learn to ski and improve their skills. Indoor simulators are used for ski, snowboard experience and training. It provides a convenient environment to practice skiing, and meets the needs of different learners by adjusting the speed and downhill slope.

The climbing area covers around 1100㎡, and it consists of 1500㎡ climbing wall area. It includes bouldering, professional training area and a variety of routes suits different levels. The 20-metre high rope courses combines 58 different courses, such as suspended bridges, net ropes, swing and sky bikes, with the aim of promoting courage and achievement.

The trampoline area covers 350㎡. It has three Olympic-level, professional trampoline areas designed for professional training and courses.

To utilize the empty space underneath the dry slope, a caving area was created: 36 meters long in total with a number of different routes.

Vankoo Sports Works is ranked as no.2 in the Shanghai amusement and leisure industry at popular Chinese review site Dazhong Dianpin  Since its opening, it has hosted 28 public sports events, such as Youth Sports Winter and Summer Camp and sports competition by China Association of Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

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