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Mountain Monster provides three-way thrills

Centred at The Tower Shops on the Mountain Mile in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, the Mountain Monster, a new attraction from Stan Checketts’ Soaring Eagle, features three rides from a 200 foot (61 m) tower overlooking the Smoky Mountains.

“I’ve designed ride concepts all over the world, but I am particularly excited about the Mountain Monster,” said Stan Checketts. “This setting has a unique combination of incredible views and a vibrant market of family entertainment. This fits perfectly with our goal to provide the most exciting and safe experience for thrill seekers.”

The Mountain Monster features three thrill rides, The Aerial Dive Ride, The Daring Drop, and the Saddle Swing. It actually has two Daring Drop rides, a two-person and an eight- person. The two person Daring Drop ride is used to get the passengers to the top to ride the Aerial Dive Ride. It can either drop or go slow on the way down. The Aerial Dive Ride drops riders straight down before swinging you through the air about 400 feet (122 m) and taking your breath away. The Daring Drop is a free fall drop ride that drops you utilising a harness system that doesn’t restrict your upper body. You will be dropping fast enough that you will be sure you can’t stop before hitting the ground, but you come to a smooth stop with magnetic brakes. The totally new Saddle Sling rockets guests into the air with their arms and legs dangling out totally free. Riders have a take-off of approximately 3.2 G and can go straight above the tower bars and straight back down or the ride can be set to give riders a complete flip at the top.

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