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Morey’s moves rides

Morey’s Piers has introduced a number of upgrades this year across its four piers in Wildwood, New Jersey.

For example, a new LED light package has been added to the Maelstrom (Move-It), all weather glass windshields are now fitted to the Giant Wheel, and upgrades have been made to the Dante’s Dungeon, Pirates of the Wildwoods and Mummy dark rides.

Other rides have been rearranged or relocated to make for a better guest experience. Some of relocations were necessary to make room for a new ticket booth on Mariner’s Landing. The Super Scooters, pictured here, were moved across the beach from Surfside Pier to Mariner’s Landing. The Mini Scooters followed, repositioned atop the rebuilt portion of the pier damaged last year by fire. Meanwhile the Musik Express and Rollie’s Coaster were swapped with one other.

The Kiddie Boats on Mariner’s Landing have been relocated to Surfside Pier, while the Baby Venice of Surfside Pier now occupies Mariner’s Landing. Several other rides on Surfside have also been moved slightly.

Morey’s Piers have also expanded their Rendezvous Beach catering facility to cater to the corporate picnic segment, as well as opening The Morey Store, a 500 sq ft retail outlet at Mariner’s Landing.

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