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Monster Mini Golf announces partnership with Semnox

Monster Mini Golf — a premier entertainment destination known for providing a unique, affordable, and engaging indoor miniature golf and entertainment experience — announced its selection of Semnox Solutions as its revenue management technology partner. Founded by Christina and Patrick Vitagliano in 2004, MMG now boasts of over 30 centres across the USA and Canada. Because of their continued North American growth, both management and franchisees have chosen to unify operations under the single Semnox Parafait System, replacing all their existing debit card systems.

Christina explained her reasons for choosing Semnox, saying, “Monster Mini Golf, like many other Family Entertainment Centre, have struggled through various frustrating Point of Sale system solutions over the last few decades, with the majority falling short on consistent reliability and up to date technology, mixed with drastic, never-ending and ever-increasing “software” fees. That said, the biggest downfall with these other companies was the lack of ethics and concern for prompt and sincere customer service.”

“After learning of Semnox through another industry partner, we quickly discovered that they placed ethics and prompt, sincere customer service at the top of their list, and I believe, as a result of their self-pride, the Semnox system is top-notch in both technology and reliability. In addition, our franchisees are more than pleased with the lack of exorbitant and unnecessary fees,” she added.

Brian Duke, Senior Sales Partner of Semnox Americas expressed his company’s pleasure, stating, “We are very excited and proud to add Monster Mini Golf to our growing family of satisfied clients here. Even though our team got involved late in negotiations after they were almost ready to sign with another company, we were allowed to show all the capabilities of our Parafait hardware and software. Having everything ‘under one roof’ really helped us win the contract. Our advanced Point-Of-Sale, RFID tap-to-play Lumin readers and self-serve kiosks fit perfectly for their arcades while our cloud-based studio package could manage all aspects of e-commerce from Party Booking to Online Sales. This Covid-19 pandemic shutting down locations in various states has slowed our plans but we’ve already completed some recent installs and have more scheduled for the coming months.”

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