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Mobaro launches new feature package to help attraction professionals safeguard quality in their safety, maintenance and operations processes

In 2015, Mobaro set out to unite the safety, maintenance and operations routines and the teams operating them in one software platform. Now, with more than 100 attraction clients using the system daily, the company has decided it is time to take it to the next level. With the introduction of Advanced Compliance Management (ACM), Mobaro is adding a new dimension that can increase the accuracy and assurance in any process.


“These days, all eyes are on safety. Now more than ever, it is necessary to be attentive to details and behaviour on all levels of your business. That’s why we are particularly excited to present the industry with this new set of features. Attractions will be able to reach unprecedented levels of compliance and certainty that all aspects of are being tended to, from ride maintenance to health and cleaning protocols,” saidHenrik F. Have, CEO at Mobaro.


Bringing managers into the inspection loop

With self-service content-building and easy distribution of inspection and work orders, Mobaro is already a preferred digital tool for handling safety, maintenance and operations routines.

The new package is said to add a superior level to the system. It gives you as a user an overview of available jobs, prompts when you are too far from the site inspected using GPS, passed a certain deadline or working too fast. And last but not least, ACM gives managers a means of ‘inspecting the inspection’. This way, Mobaro now supports a ‘Four-eyes principle’ or ‘Two-man rule’.

“In order to improve and ensure the quality of inspections, we realised that we needed to create a whole new workflow that starts when the inspection ends,” said Morten Kristensen, senior developer at Mobaro.

Now, managers and supervisors are able to actively review inspections and approve, disapprove, invalidate or re-schedule entire inspection runs.

Stronger documentation in liability cases

On top of enabling higher quality, Mobaro is also able to offer more detailed documentation for inspection bodies or in the unfortunate events of liability claims. Businesses using the system are able to present unprecedented levels of detail from their built-in archive of reports that holds all entries from all inspections conducted.

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