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Michael Blau to become president of Adirondack Studios

Michael Blau will assume the role of president of Adirondack Studios, effective January 2021. Michael is currently a shareholder and vice president of business development. He has been with the company since 2002 and been vital to the growth and development of Adirondack Studios as a globally recognised leader in themed entertainment.

Adirondack Studios is a specialty company offering a range of tailored services based around thematic environments and interactive attractions to the leisure industry. Services include consulting, design, engineering, custom fabrication, installation, and specialty support for projects ranging from theme park attractions to live theatrical performances. Their diversity is as broad as creating high class exhibits for the One World Trade Center while also making sculptures covered entirely in jelly beans, (and yes, they’ve done those both).

Michael has a Bachelor of Science degree in marketing & management from Siena College and a Masters of Fine Arts in Design and Technical Theater from Syracuse University. Starting as a professional scenic designer he transitioned to be an educator and producer of Theater, teaching Theater History, Design and Production at the college and university level. His place at the core of Adirondack Studios is by viewing themed entertainment “through the lens of theatre.” At Adirondack Studios, he has held positions in the creative design department, serving as art director and creative director. He then took over the role of vice president of business development, responsible for the pursuit, direction and qualification of projects across the different strengths of the company including theme parks, museums, restaurants, live entertainment, domestically and internationally. In his newly appointed role as president, Michael will oversee the company’s operations and have a comprehensive oversight of not only the direction of the company but also the managerial, financial, administrative, and production needs of the global corporation.

For the last year Michael has been serving as the International Board President of the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA). He is committed to bringing together the world’s leading creators, developers, designers and producers of themed entertainment attractions toward better, more engaging experiences. Previous roles within the TEA have been vice president of the international board and vice president of the Eastern Division.

Company founding principal and long term past president Tom Lloyd announced Michael’s new position to the entire organization at the July Company Meeting. “When Michael first arrived, we knew we had acquired a talent that embodied the core of our artistic, professional and ethical principles. He has been preparing for this job for nearly 20 years, so I am thrilled to announce that he will be taking the reins of the Presidency as we begin our 47th year.”

The position of President is currently held by Joel Krasnove who has led the company for a number of years. He began with the company in 1983 and has had experience in all aspects of the technical, managerial, and financial operations; a vital role to the company’s growth and success. Joel remains committed to Adirondack Studios and will be crucial to the operations of our Middle East and Florida shop locations.

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