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Meet the Mob and feel the Falls!

New attractions open at Niagara Falls

Niagara’s Fury is a new attraction bringing to life the story of the evolution of the thundering Niagara Falls. Now open at Table Rock adjacent to the Horseshoe Falls, Ontario, it has been developed by the Niagara Parks Commission.

The experience begins with an eight-minute animated pre-show that features an explanation as to how the Ice Age formed Niagara Falls. Guests then enter a 360-degree theatre for a six-minute experience designed to make them feel as though they were there as the creation of the Falls.

Forty-five million gallons of water are used in the attraction, which also features incredible images previously seen only on satellites and in medicine. More than 100 people can enter the Fury at once, or about 600 per hour. They stand on a 33ft-wide platform surrounded by 56ft-wide waterfalls and a 360-degree seamless screen.
PGAV Destination Consulting oversaw the development and creation of the attraction together with the Niagara Parks Commission and a team of experts including Blur Studio in California, which produced the pre-show animation, and Technifex.
Glorified in such films as the Godfather and Goodfellows, the “Mob” in America – you may known them by a different name – had a story that only now is surfacing. Now the The Mob Tours, a 90-minute bus tour in Niagara Falls, New York, exposes the truth behing those tales.

If you thought mobsters like Luciano, Gotti or Capone were king, you’re wrong, goes the sales pitch …dead wrong. Stefano Magaddino was more powerful, had a bigger territory and was deadlier than all of them.
For anyone who fascinated by gangster movies or the history of organised crime in America, this new attraction is a must-do. It’s the only place the public will learn the truth about Magaddino’s 50-year crime empire, proving that there’s more to Niagara Falls than water and a casino.

Founded by Mike Rizzo, the tour takes guests to see Mob hideouts, hangouts, murders, bookmaking joints and the boss’s personal headquarters. They learn about the Appalachian Meeting, the Witness Protection Program and the mob’s biggest turncoat, Joe Valachi.

The trip includes a visit to Little Italy Niagara, the only mob museum in North America, where visitors get to see some actual Magaddino and Niagara Falls mafia artefacts.

Another highlight is the sight of a former house of ill-repute, successfully run by a local madam until the Mob took over. It was then quickly closed by the local police, which just proves the old adage, “Too many crooks spoil the brothel.”

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