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Mechanical Minigolf

Golf just got explosive!

Guests at the Belgian holiday park Molenheide can now enjoy an award-winning new miniature golf attraction. The Forgotten Mine (De Vergeten Mijn) is a highly themed ‘Mechanical Minigolf’ installation from the Dutch design firm Jora Vision and it’s just been recognised for a Thea Award by the TEA (Themed Entertainment Association).

Built inside a converted tennis hall, the course offers family friendly competition across several floors. Players descend via a mineshaft to begin their game. Confronted not only by coal, but also gold, diamonds, dinosaurs and explosives, they trigger numerous special effects along the way including video, animation, animatronics, scent and water. The TEA describes the experience as, “the total reinvention of that grand old game [miniature golf].”

The Molenheide installation is the fifth tennis hall to be converted by Jora Vision for a similar purpose. “Because of the uncertain, mainly rainy, conditions in North Western Europe, there is growing interest from leisure park developers to offer more indoor entertainment,” notes Jora Vision’s Bastiaan de Bruin. Mini golf, unlike tennis, can be enjoyed be all ages and De Vergeten Mijn is one game guests won’t want to forget!

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