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Maurer Rides introduces New Jet Ski Concept

Maurer Rides has a new roller coaster-like innovation for waterparks and waterfront adventures that they are now unveiling to interested parties. Simply put, it uses a gear drive plus water. Imagine going full throttle with a water fountain splash right and from behind the you and a passenger and if you are not careful, you can get their feet wet or taste the salty spray.

The core of the new development is the Spike-Drive. It’s special feature in which the drivers can control their own speed and thus decide whether they glide over the water or jump over the water at full speed. The extremely powerful Spike-Drive was developed and patented by Maurer Rides. It turns the passengers into real drivers and for the first time allows them to brake and accelerate anywhere along the track with 100% traction and 1.2 g of acceleration.

Maurer Rides has proven that the Spike is ideally suited as a motorcycle with the Desmo Race in the new Ducati World, Mirabilandia. The water version of the motorcycle is the jet ski. So, it was obvious to develop a water Spike-Coaster.

Just imagine…Miami: A lifeguard tower as the ride station. A young couple sits on the jet ski, the driver gives it throttle and they start with 1.2 g’s; through the palm trees on the beach, swings themselves over a curve and down to the water, jumps through an over-sized life ring, scrapes a mountain of beach balls and then steers out to sea. Their gaze wanders out to the distance sea. The feeling of freedom brings a smile to their faces. With athletic skill, they go over the next wave making s-curves up and down the sea. It takes full concentration. With a last jump tingling their stomachs once again, they steer the jets ski back to the lifeguard tower.

The first design concept Miami with its vibrant colours call for beach and sun. On the basis of the new gear-drive with its near limitless possibilities, other ideas can be easily developed. For example, one could have marinas, coaster regions or water parks. A water-effect could be conceivable to visualise a ride through the water.

The innovative jet ski is also attractive because of the light weight vehicle in combination with the Spike-Drive. Here again, Maurer Rides has strengthened its position as the market leader for interactive roller coasters.

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