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Maritime Aquarium opens 4D Movie Theater

The guest experience at The Maritime Aquarium, Norwalk, Connecticut, went to a whole new additional dimension, literally, on February 22 when the family attraction officially introduced its sensational new 4D movie theater. It was built in partnership with SimEx-Iwerks Entertainment, the 169-seat state-of-the-art theater premieres with two films that play every hour throughout the day.

This new cinematic experience sends the action visually spilling off the two-story screen and over audiences in 3D, in addition to such thrill-enhancing sensory special effects as bubbles, snow, wind, mists and more.

“We’re very excited for our guests to have this fun, new, immersive way of exploring and understanding our world,” said Jason Patlis, president and CEO of The Maritime Aquarium. “Having a shark swim right off the screen so that you believe you can touch it and feeling the spray as an ocean wave crashes will be memorable shared experiences for kids and parents, students and teachers, young and old. Including a 4D movie is going to be a must during a visit to The Maritime Aquarium.”

SimEx-Iwerks has successful partnerships with more than 40 museums, zoos and aquariums across North America, including the Central Park Zoo, San Diego Zoo, and Chicago’s John G. Shedd Aquarium. The 4D Theater replaces the Aquarium’s original IMAX movie theater, which closed January 18.

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