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Magical Evenings return at Toverland

For five Wednesday evenings and five Saturday evenings, the Toverland theme park will celebrate its annual Midsummer Evenings event. For the duration of this summery event, the park will extend its opening hours, offer live entertainment and feature special characters across all six themed areas. Throughout the Midsummer Evenings, Toverland remains open until 11pm.  The ten evenings will end spectacularly with a magical fireworks display.


Tropical evening filled with magic

During the Midsummer Evenings is Toverland will be shrouded in a colourful festival atmosphere. Each theme area has its own matching entertainment. Entrance Port Laguna allows visitors to enjoy swinging music, a human statue and a magical caricaturist on its lively boulevard. The legends of Avalon are brought to life by the tales of Merlin, the famous wizard and troubadours playing their medieval music at the Flaming Feather inn. The Biergarten makes sure that there’s plenty of ‘Stimmung und Spaß’ and visitors are able to see sensational fireworks display Helios near wooden rollercoaster, Troy. Visitors can use various water attractions throughout the evening to cool down and enjoy a rollercoaster ride at sunset.


New: The Battle of Port Laguna

Until Sunday 25 August, a splashing dive show called ‘The Battle of Port Laguna’ will take place. The stage of this adventurous show is a stranded ship, whereby a battle between good and evil ends in a 25-metre death dive. The Battle of Port Laguna is performed three times a day. A fourth show is performed in the evening hours during the Midsummer Evenings.


Fireworks display: Discover your own magic

The Midsummer Evenings end with a magical fireworks display, where Port Laguna acts as a stage. The show, titled ‘Discover your own magic’, is tailor made for Toverland and contains music from their various theme areas. “The show is going to be extra magical this year”, reveals Luke Verhoeven, production leader Entertainment. “We’re going to make visitors feel as if they are right in the middle of the display.”


The Midsummer Evenings take place every Wednesday and Saturday from 17 July until 17 August 2019.

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