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Madrid to see brand-new Batman coaster

Batman: Gotham City Escape is an upcoming rollercoaster for Parque Warner Madrid, located near the city centre of the Spanish capital.

The new rollercoaster, which opens on 13 May, takes riders on a journey through Batman’s Gotham City to a height of 1,010m.

Parque Warner Madrid’s latest attraction officially licenses the Batman IP for a multi-launch attraction which tours the entirety of the Spanish park.

Riders will experience innovative magnetic propulsion systems which propel them along a ride with spectacular views, four inversions and three launches, reaching a speed of 100kmph in seconds.

Batman: Gotham City Escape is manufactured by Intamin and designed in collaboration with Warner Bros. Discovery Global Themed Entertainment and P&P Projects, using a sound board comprised of music, dialogue and other elements to immerse riders in Batman’s mysterious world.

Riders will get to visit Wayne Manor, the Batcave, the Gotham City Subway and more as they zip through the ride’s environments in Batmobile-inspired trains, encountering villains such as  The Joker, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy.

The new Batman ride joins attractions such as Superman: The Attraction of Steel, Coaster Express and La Venganza del Enigma on Parque Warner Madrid’s roster of entertainment.

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