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Locker Link

by Smarte Carte

Are ride lockers a revenue stream or a service to your guests? They can, of course, be both, but if your guests don’t have the right change or are asked to pay too many times chances are they will stop using them. A new system developed by the American company Smarte Carte together with Core Cashless Kiosks aims to address both these issues.

After buying a wristband from a self-service kiosk, guests are free use different lockers throughout the property all day long. Locker Link also allows multiple guests in a party to share the same lockers. The wristbands can be used with Smarte Locke 1000 series electronic lockers and barcode access points.

The Locker Link kiosk can be configured to accept card payments, cash or barcoded coupons and is provided on a free installation, revenue-share basis.

Demonstrating the system at IAAPA Attractions Expo in Orlando, Smarte Carte was running it with a sensible $2 per day fee for unlimited locker use, although this is of course up to the operator. The company is also working with Core on a park-wide cashless payment model using the same wristbands.

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