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Lo-Q = no queue?

Mirabilandia in Ravenna, Italy, is employing a VQ2020 virtual queuing system from Lo-Q for the 2009 season. By renting a Q-bot hand held wireless device (as pictured), guests can reserve their place in line for a number of the park’s rides and attractions.

Mirabilandia, which is also debuting a major new launch coaster this spring, is branding the system V_pass. Guests can make reservations for rides from anywhere within the park. Once reserved, they are placed in a virtual queue, thereby avoiding physical waiting times allowing to enjoy their time in the park’s grounds, visit other attractions, gift shops or restaurants.

“We’re very proud to be the first park in Italy – and one of the first ones in Europe – to offer our visitors an electronic reservation service,” says Mirabilandia managing director, Claudio Bertozzi. “This follows our recent ride investments (Reset and iSpeed) and shows Mirabilandia is pleased to implement additional services to make our guests visit more pleasant and comfortable.”

The V-Pass installation includes an initial batch of 370 Q-bots and was expected to be operational in time for the busy Easter period.

Lo-Q has also installed a “Text-Q” system this season at Flamingo Land in the UK, allowing mobile phone users to reserve their place in line by sending an SMS message from anywhere in the park.

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