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Living Shores Aquarium set for Story Land

As Story Land’s 66th season comes to an end, the Glen, New Hampshire, amusement park will open a new separately-gated attraction, Living Shores Aquarium, on November 4. Just steps from Story Land, the indoor facility will operate year-round and houses over 32,000 square feet of activities for visitors to enjoy.

Living Shores Aquarium features four tide pool areas, where kids and adults alike can reach into the water and touch creatures big and small, from Sea Stars and Hermit Crabs, to Sting Rays and Bamboo Sharks. The Tropical Rainforest Aviary is fully immersive, and Lorikeets will soar overhead from perch to perch, while Red Footed Tortoises meander along the rainforest floor. More than 10 other exhibits will be called home by approximately 100 different species, including brightly coloured Caribbean life, freshwater fish found in New Hampshire’s lakes and rivers, and the well-known Clown Fish and Blue Tang. The centre of the main exhibit floor is home to Living Shores’ most entertaining residents – Asian Small-Clawed Otters.

“The majority of our species are in their infant or juvenile stages of life, which adds another level of educational opportunity to the experience,” said David Houghton, Living Shores Aquarium Curator. “We are excited for our guests to join us as we watch the animals grow and develop over the next year.”

In addition to its aquatic and animal exhibits, Living Shores also features two interactive discovery stations where kids can explore and create. The Augmented Reality Sandbox adjusts to valleys and mountains dug in the sand, allowing kids to see what kind of marine life lives in the landscape they created. At Draw Alive, children can design and colour their own underwater creatures, scan them, then watch as they come alive in a giant wall-sized underwater environment.

“We’re ecstatic to bring this attraction to life and provide another unique entertainment and educational opportunity for families who visit or reside in the Mount Washington Valley,” said Eric Dziedzic, Story Land and Living Shores Aquarium General Manager. “Everyone who has worked on this project is looking forward to opening the doors in early November.”

Living Shores Aquarium will operate year round, offering a variety of indoor, family friendly activities for all visitors to enjoy.

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