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Liseberg introduces virtual queueing system for new dark ride

Liseberg is to open a new ride in the Rabbit Country this spring. The attraction, which is a rabbit-themed dark ride, is the largest and most expensive attraction for children’s families in Liseberg’s history. Called Wonderland, the new ride will take guests into the world of underground Liseberg rabbits. To reduce wait times, it has also launched its own queueing virtual solution for the new attraction.

Visitors queue in the Lisebergsapp and get a time for when it’s time to go. In the meantime, children can play in the playground or do other things in the amusement park, instead of being stuck in a physical queue on site. Shortly before the time of the ride, a reminder in the app comes that it is soon time for the group to go through the entrance to Wonderland.

“Long queues have long been a hot issue for our guests and for us, it is one of the biggest challenges for theme parks. There are various technical solutions to this problem – for example Express-Pass, which Liseberg has had since 2010 – but this is the first time that we are testing a real virtual queue,” said Johan Ottosson, head of digital guest trip, Liseberg

The solution, developed by Liseberg together with the web agency Creuna in Gothenburg, is tailor-made for the theme park and according to the park,  is one of the first of its kind in the world.

The virtual queue will be launched this year for the new attraction Wonderland. If the solution works well, Liseberg says it sees good opportunities to implement the solution to more attractions.

Just like Express-Pass, there will be no extra for the vitual queue, but the guest must have bought a ride pass or single tickets to Wonderland. There will  be other options for those who do not wish to use the Liseberg app.


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