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Let’s do Launch

Magic Carpet Lifts/RMCE, Inc. was proud to launch the very first LaunchPad H20 at Hyland Hills – Waterworld in Denver, Colorado, during the summer of 2016. The Warp Speed waterslide ride is a first-generation interactive water slide where competing riders travel down adjacent slides in a “race” format. Prior to the LaunchPad H20 installation, riders had to manually push themselves from the start tubs into the slide flume, typically causing frustration and taking away from the racing aspect of the slide. Having an integrated LaunchPad H20, the slide has made for a more exciting launch, provided a consistent even start to both riders, and also increased throughput of the slide.

The LaunchPad H20 has a full stainless steel construction and comes with a non-slip composite decking, a pressure sensing device to detect entrapment at the discharge, and a brake motor that prevents the belt from moving during guest loading. They can be constructed for all varieties of launch tubs and tube designs and provided with their own control system or integrated with existing slide controls.

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