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LEGOLAND Windsor unveils The Magical Forest

Bank Holiday weekend swirled into action for families visiting the LEGOLAND Windsor Resort following the opening of its enchanting new walk-through attraction, The Magical Forest.

The Magical Forest transports children and their parents to a mysterious woodland on an adventure set to get imaginations racing. It features a myriad of new weird and wonderful creature models and incredible habitats built by the Resort’s expert Model Makers, which took 452 hours to create using more than 80,000 LEGO bricks.

A swirling vortex of dazzling lights offers a glimpse into how guests will start their adventure in this parallel universe, where LEGO creatures come to life using awesome Augmented Reality (AR) with surprises in store around every corner.

Fan-favourite, Bits & Bobs, the friendly baby Alicorn, surprises guests as its reflection transforms in front of guests’ eyes at the enchanted waterfall. Deep in the heart of The Magical Forest, guests can also expect to unearth secret LEGO habitats hidden beneath the undergrowth and foliage, but just beware of the giant LEGO Venus Fly Trap which can be a little snappy – especially when they first meet intrepid young explorers.

The adventure hots up as the habitat shifts from an enchanted forest to a landscape of lava where guests will come eye to eye with a group of Crystal Claw Crabs and a super-sized LEGO dragon egg, before braving the grand finale by entering the magnificent Lava Dragon’s cave, who is stirring inside.

The AR is activated exclusively via the LEGOLAND app, which users are encouraged to download before they enter the resort. The AR component in The Magical Forest experience builds on the existing digital activations within the main Mythica area of the resort but with a new twist and more interactivity.

Families will set off on an intrepid adventure where an AR overlay takes users on a journey narrated by Bobs as he’s magically brought to life and transforms from LEGO to his real-life form in The Realm. Bobs guides families along The Magical Forest pathway as they meet other creatures from the realm, including Crystal Claw Crabs, Baby Lava Dragons, Venus Fly Traps and the incredible Lava Dragon herself.

Through this adventure, families get to help Bobs find his missing wing; breathe fire like a Baby Lava Dragon and play with the Crystal Claw Crabs before witnessing and getting to capture a photo of the amazing mother Lava Dragon in full flight. With each creature families discover a special virtual card will be added to their digital collection with facts and stats about them.

To celebrate the launch of The Magical Forest there are also two exclusive AR Pop Badges featuring the Crystal Claw Crabs and baby Lava Dragons to collect. The fun doesn’t stop there, families can experience the awesome Bits and Bobs coming to life in AR, as well as a Venus Fly Trap game.

Helen Bull, divisional director at LEGOLAND Windsor Resort, said: “We’re thrilled to open The Magical Forest as the new realm in the story of LEGO MYTHICA, an alternative universe that is powered by imaginations. When kids build LEGO creations, unbeknown to them these creations live and breathe in this parallel universe and thanks to AR technology, The Magical Forest brings our brilliant LEGO models to life in amazing ways.

“After a challenging couple of years for the travel and tourism industry, it has been an amazing experience for us all as a team to get back to what we love doing best which is creating awe-inspiring moments and experiences for families to escape the everyday and build wonderful memories together.”

The Magical Forest is the first new attraction to be unveiled at LEGO MYTHICA, since the multi-million-pound land opened at the Resort in May 2021.

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