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LEGOLAND Water Park Gardaland is open

LEGOLAND Water Park Gardaland, the first LEGO-themed water park in Europe, has re-opened its doors for a fun-filled season.

Sabrina De Carvalho, Gardaland CEO, comments: “LEGO’s founding values of fun, quality and creativity match perfectly with the fantasy, adventure and magic of Gardaland”. She continues: “Last year, we reached maximum capacity in LEGOLAND Water Park from June onward. We are confident of maintaining the same levels for the 2023 season.”

Made with millions of colourful LEGO bricks in a 15,000-square-metre area, the water park is located inside Gardaland Resort, near the Peppa Pig Land and Fantasy Kingdom areas, expanding the existing wide range of entertainment at Gardaland. Children will find fun and unique experiences here, thanks to the opportunity to build  imaginative creations with the millions of LEGO bricks available, while parents can relax in the luscious grassy surroundings.

Inside LEGOLAND Water Park Gardaland, there are many attractions that immerse visitors in a unique world, starting with areas dedicated to creativity and discovery complete with endless play opportunities that encourage inventive thinking, such as LEGO Creation Island where you can build your own boat with LEGO bricks, decorate a large sand castle or use large soft blocks to build giant walls.

LEGOLAND Water Park Gardaland thus becomes a place for spending time together, with a strongly educational as well as playful value, a leisure activity that greatly stimulates children’s imagination. Not only that: in such a dynamic place, parents, too, can play together with the children, thereby contributing to their well-being and development.

Don’t miss the LEGO River Adventure area, a waterway that runs through the Water Park to be ridden on floating rafts that can be customised with large LEGO bricks, the Beach Party with its 7 slides, cannons that shoot water from every angle, and the large bucket that suddenly tips a cascade of water over the children, and Jungle Adventures, with slides suitable for the whole family to ride free-style, in an inflatable boat, out under the open sky or in the dark… everyone will find the perfect slide to embark on.

DUPLO Splash is an attraction for the youngest visitors, where they can venture on slides for the first time and learn through play, while Pirate Bay, with its large, gradual-entry pool, is the ideal place for the entire family to enjoy a swim, stay cool, or simply relax.

Another not-to-be-missed attraction is Miniland at LEGOLAND Water Park Gardaland, the area in which Italy’s most iconic monuments have been reproduced with LEGO bricks. This area is a recurring feature of LEGOLAND Resorts around the world that is, however, adapted according to each location. The LEGO models in this area thus represent specially designed monuments that are found nowhere else in the world.

Innovations for 2023

One innovation for 2023 in LEGOLAND Water Park’s Miniland is the model of 11 skyscrapers in the Milano Moderna area, all reproduced in 1:20 scale and built with about 400,000 LEGO bricks. The “pathway” dedicated to Milano Moderna emerges from the heart of the city with the symbolic Torre Velasca, and continues with the iconic Pirelli Skyscraper and the colourful Torre Arcobaleno, right up to the first buildings of the 2000s from north of Milan such as the Diamantone, the Bosco Verticale, Casa della Memoria, and the unmistakable commercial district of City Life with its three towers: Torre Isozaki (Allianz), Torre Libeskind (PwC) and Torre Hadid, (Generali).

There are also the newest constructions such as the Torre UnipolSai and the unmistakable NH Hotel Fiera in the immediate suburbs (a key area for reaching the city centre), in addition to mini-models of the many workers, tourists and citizens who flock daily into the city of Milan. The classic Milan tram is also an essential element.

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