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LEGOLAND Water Park Gardaland: Full details released

LEGOLAND Water Park Gardaland, which will open on 28 May 2020, has released further details on all the attractions and different areas.

After passing under the great wave at the entrance Portal, the guests’ attention will be immediately captured by the LEGO River Adventure, a river flowing through most of the Water Park that they can sail down on customisable rafts. Guests will have the chance to unleash their fantasy using large, soft, floating LEGO bricks to build their own rafts completely unique, before taking a relaxing ride as they are carried along on a gentle current. The river ride will pass through a suggestive cave with undersea theming and skirt the Miniland, an area that will host about a hundred iconic Italian monuments, all made from LEGO bricks, from the Milan Cathedral to the Colosseum in Rome, from the Leaning Tower of Pisa to Saint Mark’s Basilica in Venice.

“LEGOLAND Water Park Gardaland will have so many attractions that visitors will be thrilled, whether young or old”, said Luca Marigo, Gardaland sales and marketing director. “There will also be special themed areas, with lots of colourful water slides for youngsters and kids of all ages, as well as a creative area where children can discover the fun of building with DUPLO and LEGO bricks, swimming pools equipped with sun beds, deck chairs and large gazeboes where families can relax”.

The Beach Party, an irresistible attraction with play areas and colourful slides, is an ideal place for children to have endless fun: water cannons fire water in all directions and there will be a giant bucket positioned over the tower to surprise young visitors in moments of great fun.

The LEGO Creation Island area will be entirely dedicated to playful moments of creativity and discovery: the youngest visitors will have fun building personalised LEGO boats that can be launched in water and floated along the entire waterway. Little ones can also make DUPLO brick constructions, decorate a huge sandcastle with LEGO bricks and use large soft blocks to build giant walls, for hours of guaranteed building fun.

DUPLO Splash is an attraction designed for young adventurers who are encouraged to learn through play and discover their first water slides: this is an area where children and families can have fun discovering the aquatic animals that inhabit different parts of the planet, from the jungle to the polar regions.

Fun is guaranteed on the Jungle Adventure slides too; with descents made for families, whether swimming freely or riding on tubes in the open air or in the dark, everyone can find a waterslide that is suited to them.

Finally, the Pirate Bay attraction, with its large swimming pool, is an ideal place for all the family to enjoy swimming, cool down or just relax. The entrance to the pool is gradual so that children can access the water and have fun while playing with LEGO characters until they conquer the pirates’ fortress.

There is also the LEGOLAND Shop on site, where all LEGO brick lovers can purchase their favourite products and continue to enjoy their wonderful experience at home and a themed refreshment area, the Harbour Restaurant, for a quick and tasty a break between sliding and diving, where the food is of highest quality.

As the building work progresses, Gardaland is selecting more than 50 professionals staff members to manage the LEGOLAND Water Park Gardaland.

In particular, 40 lifeguards are needed to carry out a very important role inside the Water Park: they will monitor the areas or attractions specifically assigned to them, as well as supervise and assist bathers to guarantee their safety and be ready to act swiftly and effectively in any situation.

To perform this task, Gardaland is looking for people who already have a lifeguard qualification or enrol to become one; the latter category can obtain their qualifications under a specific agreement made between Gardaland and the Italian Swimming Federation.

Staff will also be hired to manage the shop and catering.

“We are especially proud to confirm, as we have done in the past, that Gardaland will be creating new professional positions in the leisure market sector,” said Lia Maistrello, HR director Gardaland. “Moreover, LEGOLAND® Water Park Gardaland is a totally innovative and unique entity in the whole of Europe which requires specific skills!”

Once again, Gardaland is proving that is a precious resource in Italy, innovating in the tourist industry and creating new employment opportunities.

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