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Legends Heroes Park to open 4D Motion Theatre

Legend Heroes Park is the largest independent tech-based indoor theme park in Asia, located in Studio City, Macao. It is known for its cutting-edge virtual technology, Hologram, projection mapping, motion-tracked games, and unparalleled immersive experiences. Next September it will premiere a new 4D attraction, a motion based cinematic experience that is fun for the entire family. At opening, it will feature two of the most popular brands in custom 4D shows: Ice Age: No Time for Nuts and The Lego Movie 4D Experience.

The 38-seat 4D Experience has been designed by SimEx-Iwerks Entertainment. It features a package of special effects to complement the on-screen action. Legend Heroes Park is the first location to showcase the SimEx-Iwerks new two-seat electric motion platform. The newly designed seats offer three degrees of freedom for a smooth and seamless motion experience. The electric design delivers quiet motion technology allowing guests to be fully immersed and become part of the onscreen story.

“We are very excited to bring this new attraction to our guests,” says Daniel Ra, CEO. “The new motion seats combined with in-theatre special effects and incredible branded content provides an experience that our guests have come to expect at Legends Heroes Park. We look forward to the launch in September and many years of success with this new attraction.”

The 4D Theatre will be located on the second floor of the Park. Shows will run every 15 minutes.

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