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Left Coast Engineering

New company offers technology solutions

After nine years’ experience in trend-setting wireless technologies, Park-Tours Inc has spun off its engineering consultancy, Left Coast Engineering.

Park-Tours specialises in guest technologies for large facilities such as zoos, aquariums, theme parks and more. Its Cruiser technology is a downloadable application available for cell phones and PDAs, offering features such as flexible scheduling, e-ticketing, line-bypassing, real-time wait times and location-aware navigation.

The company’s diverse portfolio includes a range of products, in and outside the amusement industry. This combined expertise has allowed Left Coast Engineering to venture into new territory. Last year, the team led the development of high-end amplifier units for a well-known audio company in Carson City, Nevada. Current projects include a “proximity marketing system” utilising mobile advertising displays, home theatre technology production and a variety of embedded GPS-based products.

“No matter what the application or need is, we have a creative answer here at Left Coast Engineering,” says president Rob Baranowski,. “It has become our hallmark to offer clear-cut, visionary solutions while meeting critical budget requirements.”

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