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Launch coaster at Plopsaland

Anubis: The Ride is the name of the new rollercoaster at Plopsaland in De Panne, Belgium. The attraction is a Gerstlauer launch coaster and arguably one of the most extreme attractions in the family park to date.

Based around the TV show Het Huis Anubis from Studio 100 (which owns the Plopsa parks), this imposing coaster launches to 88 km/h in 2 seconds and includes such features as a vertical drop and three inversions. The ride comes equipped with V-Wing vehicles with grandstand-style seating.

“Plopsaland was looking for something iconic and fitting for the Anubis brand,” says Siegfried Gerstlauer.  “After working with them we designed the layout and the ride, especially the launch into a vertical climb, which came out wonderfully.”

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