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Laser Raiders at Legoland

Sally Corporation’s latest interactive dark ride, Laser Raiders opened recently at Legoland Windsor near London as part of the new Kingdom of the Pharoahs area. The 7,000 sq ft rides features 10 black-lit scenes including the popular Lego characters Johnny Thunder, Miss Pippin Reed and Dr Kilroy.

Riders must rescue Pippin Reed from Sir Sam Sinister and stop him stealing the treasure of the ancient temple. Only by hitting the targets scattered throughout the ride can they win this battle. Ten custom Lego-style Jeeps equipped with laser blasters carry riders through a spider’s lair past a performing skeleton band, into the professor’s lab, into the midst of exploding dynamite and the path of a moving, spiked wall, among other hair-raising scenes. The final scene has big twist and a dramatic ending.

While the ride is very similar to the Sally-built Lost Kingdom Adventure at Legoland California, which opened last season, one big difference is a secret bonus target. “When a guest hits the special target, an additional 7,007 points will show up on their score,” reveals Sally’s vice-president of technical services, Ray Dominey. “There are 90 targets in the ride, and there’s no way to tell which is the special one – until you hit it!”

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