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Kraftwerk launches ‘5D’ seat

Austrian technology specialist Kraftwerk will present its new generation of theatre seats at the IAAPA Attractions Expo this month in Orlando.

Launched in conjunction with 3DBA, the company’s new 5D theatre creates a more intense experience using a state of the art motion base beneath the seats, which moves in all directions with varying speeds, ranging from soft to hard.

Kraftwerk’s 4D theatres already allow visitors to experience movies as if they are part of the on screen action, complete with 3D high-definition video projection. “I am very excited to present our latest development at the IAAPA,” says Kraftwerk general manager Markus Beyr. “The movie’s motion programming will be even more precise with these new seats.”

Effects like acceleration, collisions or deep drops can be simulated convincingly but safely with the new seats, as well as the standard air-blasts, water-sprays and scent nozzles. Additionally, Kraftwerk is offering add-ons like spiders from the ceiling and a gigantic dragon flapping its wings and creating a breese between the seats.

An operational advantage of the new design is that it is not necessary to install the motion bases below the surface of the theatre floor, thus making for a more simplified installation. Kraftwerk promises that the new seats will be available for the same price of a standard 4D seat

The first order will go to an educational visitor centre in the Netherlands. Corpus (below) will feature a giant transparent replica of the human body on the side of the building that the guests will travel through. Kraftwerk is to supply 5D seats and show control to be used in a pre-installed attraction.

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