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KMG debuts High Swing

KMG, the Dutch ride builder, premiered its new High Swing tower in Antwerp last month. The ride stands 60-metres tall and accommodates up to 24 passengers (12 pairs) at a time in high-flying seats as the central column rotates.

As the “umbrella” from which the seats are suspended is winched to the top, a succession of interlocking collars link into place to compensate for the varying width at each section of tower.

The telescopic construction, however, means no crane is needed to erect the ride, despite its formidable height. Finished in white with powerful LEDs to match, it occupies a footprint of 18 x 20.5-metres and has been named Stratosphere by its owners.

The ride is operated by Sky Attractions BvBA, comprising Belgian/Dutch showmen Eduard Vlasselaerts  and Gilbert de Poorter, who plan to the attraction mainly in Belgium. It will stay at the fair in Antwerp until July 12.

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