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King Kong

Huss Park Attractions’ long-awaited King Kong ride finally opened at the start of the season at not one but two parks in Europe. First to sample the thrill of an encounter with the beast were guests at Bobbejaanland in Lichtaart, Belgium.

The Belgian park has been due to debut King Kong last summer as part of its new Banana Bos jungle-themed area, but after a considerable amount of development by Huss and Heimo it was officially unveiled in time for Easter 2009. A month later (May 1), a sister attraction opened at Le Pal, Donpierre-sur-Besbre, France.

The ride has been developed in partnership with Heimo Animated Attractions, whose expertise is evident in the detail of the giant gorilla figure. In total the ride stands 12.5 metre tall, and the tramcar gondola seats up to 24 riders at a time.

Some have criticised the ride experience as being too gentle, but Bobbejaanland and Le Pal are both family parks. What the new attraction lacks in hi-octane thrills it makes up for with added features such as sound effects, vibrating seats and the evil stare of King Kong himself.

And of course there is certainly no doubting the marketing potential of the new ride, which can be enjoyed by all park guests, whether they want to ride, or simply just stand and watch.

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