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King Kong comes to Belgium!

Bobbejaanland, Lichtaart, Belgium, will debut the first King Kong ride from Huss Park Attractions, the German supplier has confirmed. The themed-ride, built in conjunction with Heimo Animated Attractions, will form part of a new zone inside the park that will also include a Splash Battle.

King Kong the ride will feature a selection of newly engineered movements from Huss, complemented by numerous special effects. Riders enter a 24-seater gondola at ground level and, as the ride begins, the King Kong figure appears to grab the vehicle and stand upright before slowly shaking it. At maximum height, the gondola is positioned in front of King Kong’s head as the crazed gorilla’s eyes peer inside the car.

“For the first time we have added detailed theming and a full range of special effects as standard to one of our rides,” notes Huss president Wolfgang Richter. “This has allowed us to create something very special and very different, based on a story known throughout the world.”

Huss has a long co-operation with Bobbejaanland, which also features a Break Dance, Fly Away and Giant Frisbee among its many attractions. King Kong will have a height 12 metres and a footprint of 8m x 10m. Hourly capacity is billed at approximately 600. Pictured here is a 1:10 scale model of the ride by Heimo. Other themes are available.

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