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King Kong 2

Huss sells second ride to park in France

Before the first version of its new King Kong has even opened (the prototype at Bobbejaanland is still delayed), Huss Park Attractions has announced the sale of a second such ride.

French park Le Pal is expected to debut is own King Kong next season. Developed in association with Heimo Animated Attractions, this latest addition to Huss’ range of family rides, features a host of newly engineered movements, numerous special effects and highly detailed theming.
The gorilla theme makes perfect sense when one of Le Pal’s history: “The park opened in 1973 with a zoo and in 1981 we added the amusement park element,” reveals president Arnaud Bennet. “Our first attraction at that time was a King Kong themed ride. We took this off the park about 10 years ago and have since received a lot of letters from people who didn’t like the fact that we had taken it away.”
You could say adding the Huss ride was a “no brainer.” Alternative themes are available.

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