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Kids City planned for China

Chinese children will, in a year’s time, be able to get a taste of adult working life in a new theme park planned for the city of Hangzhou. Located about two hours from Shanghai in the Zhejiang Province, Kids City will be the first attraction of its kid in China and follows the success of similar ventures in Mexico, the USA and Japan.

The indoor entertainment and education park will offer more than 50 professions for children aged five to 10, including pilot, doctor, actor, police officer and lawyer. The park will include scaled-down streets, hospitals, museums, supermarkets, schools, airports and other facilities. Each child will get a bank account holding special money that they can only spend in the park.

The 7,000-square-metre facility opens October 2008. Parents are not allowed to enter the city or accompany their offspring, but they can observe and take pictures from outside the huge glass house.

The world’s first role-playing theme park, named Kidzania, opened in Mexico City in 1999. It has turned out to be a huge success, receiving around 800,000 visitors annually.

LEFT: Children at the new park in Hangzhou will be able to particpate in more than 50 adult professions – including a pilot

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