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Jora Vision selected as the lead creative development partner for Inka Park

Along the coast of Peru plans for the first world-class theme park destination of Latin America are well underway. Routed in Latin American culture and stories the catalyst for a new mixed-leisure development will be a sensational theme park with over 50 highly themed immersive attractions, embedded in a spacious natural setting. In this “extraordinary” theme park guests will be welcomed to the world of the Inka’s, filled with mysterious ruins, archeological adventures and lively Inka cities.

Jora Vision has been selected as the lead creative partner for the total development. “At Jora Vision, any new development always starts with a story”, explained creative director, Sjors van Roosmalen. “For Inka Park this is the story of Sayri, set in the days of the Inka’s.” The story takes place during the period when the Inka Empire had reached its most prosperous point, with its power and influence firmly established in Peru and beyond. Even though it is set in the past, the story is about the lives and hopes of everyday Peruvians – today as well as in the past. In this classic “coming-of-age” story, Sayri, the young Inka boy who is the protagonist, exhibits the values and virtues that bound the Inka people together with the same purpose and same values that make it possible for contemporary Peruvians, to help create a society that is focused on the welfare of all. This story was created in close collaboration with renown story writer Larry Tuch and forms the basis around which the main theme park is being developed.

“Inka Park follows the promise of the Peruvian dream, just as Sayri followed his own dream”, said Jaime Paredes, Director of Communications of Inka Park. “Inka Park is unique for many reasons. It will not only build the first world class theme park of Latin America, but also the first fully sustainable project of the region that meets the demands of our age. Inka Park does not seek to take away resources from Peru, but instead to bring the latest technology for the benefit of Peruvians. This is a project unlike anything ever seen in Peru and Latin America, a project that meets the standards of Peru’s ancient past eye to eye and sees the future with passion, justice and hope.”

While the theme park is destined to be the engine and signature attraction of this total development, it will be surrounded by a well-balanced selection of other leisure components and accommodations. A mixed-leisure destination for the entire family, rooted in Latin American culture and stories. Besides the theme park the resort also offers an outdoor water park, a retail, dining & entertainment hub, golf park, theatre, bungalow park, hotel, recreational landscape park and botanical gardens to ensure an impressive diverse combination. All resort components are embedded in a 500Ha sprawling natural landscape setting, where all the fun and excitement is carefully balanced with the feeling of space, fresh air and a relaxing break in nature. Altogether this will offer more than enough fun, activities and relaxation for all target groups, to ensure a multi-day stay at the Inka Park Resort, and guarantee regular return visits.

A combination of Art & Science

“When Inka Park contacted us for the first time 4 years ago, their story instantly caught our attention”, explained Floris van Eeden, senior design director at Jora Vision. “Things felt good as we noticed that this project not only comes from the hearts and passion of local people who have dreamt about this for most of their lives, but moreover the initiators also seemed to understand what it takes to make dreams come true. With the right combination of specialist partners, and by the unique approach of our Pre-Masterplanning Study, we enable such projects to become reality. We build magic, but we do so upon solid foundations of logic.”

“We believe designing leisure destinations is a combination of Art & Science”, said Pieter Cornelis, project strategy director at Jora Vision. “When those two disciplines come together, the best and most realistic ideas come to life. Based on benchmark analysis and market research, and concluded in a strategic advice we define the starting points for a healthy business case behind our creative concepts.”


Jan Maarten de Raad, CEO at Jora Vision commented: “We are proud to work with the inspiring Inka Park team and our trusted specialist partners on this unique project. But above all, we are honoured for being able to bring our expertise to Peru, for the benefit and fun of all Peruvians and the people of Latin America.

“Special thanks for their contribution to this project go to Larry Tuch, TconcepT, Conceptional, Arcadis, Coen Bertens, Gobsmacked and ProSlide.”


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