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Jawa Timur Park & Wisati Baharti Lamongan

Indonesian Attraction

Between them Jawa Timur Park & Wisati Baharti Lamongan entertain nearly two-and-a-half million guests a year. Park World takes a quick look at two sister parks that offer tried and tested fun at an affordable price to Indonesian families.

Attracting over one million guests a year and covering a 100-hectare site, Jawa Timur Park in Indonesia was built in a mountain area near Batu City and opened in 2001.

Guests can enjoy a selection of family-orientated rides and attractions, from a variety of Italian and Chinese manufacturers, some of its recent additions including a Zamperla Windshear and a Golden Horse spinning coaster.

There has been a hotel on the site since 1996, and today it also home to the Klub Bunga resort, a bird park and reptile park. General manager Rio Iman Sendjojo attributes the Jawa Timur Park’s success to the lack of other entertainment facilities in the region, where the only alternative is to travel to the capital city of Jakarta.

Yet the high visitor numbers are not matched by a steep entry price. “There’s little money here in Indonesia,” says Sendjojo, ”even less so outside Jakarta.” Standard admission is pegged at just 40,000 IDR (€3.00/$4.30). This in turn encourages respectable food & beverage and retail sales and use of the park’s games.

In the north of Indonesia, about three hours away, the owners of Jawa Timur operate another attraction called Wisata Bahari Lamongan at the Tanjung Kodok beach resort.

Again, many of the rides are Italian, in fact Sendjojo, had just concluded a deal with Moser when we caught up with him last summer, but last year the park also added a 4D cinema from 3DBA in addition to an Desperados interactive theatre by Alterface.

Less ride intensive than its sister park in the south, there is a large emphasis on water recreation at this 70-hectare facility, as you might expect in the surroundings. As well as various waterpark equipment, guests can also enjoy surfing, jet skis, boat rides, canoes, or simply just take it easy on the beach or by the marina.

“It’s much cooler here than Jawa Timur and many people like to take in the sea breeze,” explains Sendjojo. Indeed, as many as 1.4 million guests choose to escape to Wisata Bahari Lamongan (pictured below) every year, and a hotel is on hand for those wanting to stay a little longer – and who wouldn’t ?

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