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Japanese park launches MASSIVE slide combo!

This is what happens when you pair Whitewater’s Family Boomerango together with the company’s new Manta slide – times two!

This “powerhouse of a ride experience” can be found at Nagashima Resort in Kuwana City, Japan. The journey begins with the classic sensation of rafting, leading into a screaming, velocity-building drop that launches riders up the Boomerango wall while getting a bird’s eye view of what is coming next.  They then fall back and barely have time to catch their breath before racing across a flat section propelling them right into the rushing waters of the Manta, experiencing multiple oscillations and a plunge to the finish. Yellow or blue, it’s up to you!

As well as being a thrilling sensation for those taking to the rafts, the new attraction also offers several tantalising views for those waiting in line on the tower.

In operation since 1966, Nagashima Resort (formerly Nagashima Spa Land) is a comprehensive leisure complex featuring both an amusement park and waterpark.


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