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ITPS promotes Pam Westerman

Pamela B Westerman has been named president & chief operating officer (COO) of International Theme Park Services (ITPS), according to Dennis Speigel, founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of ITPS. Speigel said Westerman has been a long-term and vital part of the ITPS team’s success, adding:“Pam is an amazing individual with remarkable leadership and organisational skills. She has a vast knowledge of the leisure industry, having led the ITPS team on projects across every continent. She is known throughout the industry and respected around the world.”

“I am honoured to take on this role at ITPS,” said Westerman. “My industry tenure and my 30+ years at ITPS have well prepared me for this position. I will do my utmost to continue to assure that ITPS leads the way with unmatched, full-service leisure consultation domestically and globally.”

Speigel will assume the role of founder & chief executive officer (CEO) at ITPS. As the face of the company, he will provide strategic direction, as well as set company visions and goals and oversee performance. Westerman will oversee the day-to-day operations, including administration, operations, accounting, research, and the vital departments that are needed to provide high-quality service to ITPS clients.

“The timing is perfect for this organisational re-structure,” noted Speigel, “and the Board of Directors has unanimously approved this change. ITPS celebrates its upcoming 37th anniversary in 2020. We continue to be called upon by companies and organisations around the world for consultation and services. Our industry remains in a major state of growth. Pam Westerman is well suited to continue leading ITPS for many years to come.”

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