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Is you park’s security adequate?

Andreas Andersen, Liseberg, Sweden (pictured): You never really know until the security measures of the park are tested. I do, however, feel very good about our security systems, planning and training.

We have a very professional organisation, and a safety-first culture at Liseberg. We rarely do bag searches etc. We have to be careful in connection with concerts staged at the park, but in general we do not have a problem.

Cory Hutchinson, Funtown Splashtown, USA: In this day-and-age, when running a facility where thousands of guests come through your gates and onto your property daily, the quest for adequate security is always continuing. Do we have enough guards on? Do all areas show a force of strength visually to the guest? Are the guards prepared in the case that action is needed? We are fortunate to be able to answer yes to these questions. Although there are surely times when an extra guard or two could be used, we feel confident on a daily basis that not only do we have enough coverage, but also that our guards have been properly trained to respond to most any situation. Although strange situations may arise, we feel strongly that the level of our security is more than adequate, although constant training and vigilance to the task is always being worked on.

Giovanni Modena, PortAventura, Spain: PortAventura counts on a highly-experienced team to co-operate with public safety organisations. We have a control centre that allows us to monitor in real time 100% of activity within the resort enabling us to take immediate action for any incidents. Our team is ready to react at any circumstances, because a fast reaction is the key factor of our system. Visitors need to feel that everything is supervised all the time, even if most of the time they can’t see us.

Paul Borchardt, Wonderland Park, USA: This question is the same as “Is your park safe?” Our park has a monitored outside security contractor system that is supposed to protect against vandalism. We also have city police on duty when the park is open. We have 24 hours per day video cameras on cash control venues, and main identifiable points in the park. We also do scheduled training on both full time and seasonal employees. Even with all of these things we still have break ins and occasional thefts. In the end, I guess that even with precautions taken, security can be breached if one wants.

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