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Introducing Tacumeon Rides by Mack

Mack Rides has introduced a new brand, Tacumeon Rides, a line of interactive, multimedia, immersive attractions. According to Mack’s Max Röser, these turn-key products combine multimedia and shooting systems, “We now have an animation studio only doing 4D films but now all the media for our rides and attractions can now synchronize ride and film action.”

There are four attractions. Based on Mack’s Sea Storm ride, Gamestormer features immersive projection with interactive content. The ride system moves over two axis. Each vehicle is fitted with canons that can shoot at targets on the screen. Twenty vehicles seat 40 riders.

The Flying Theater has a 72-person capacity. The ride system has three axis of movement, special effects such as wind, water, and scent, and easy loading and unloading.

The Gameplay Theater has an interactive rotating theatre with a maximum amount of fun within a 35 meter diameter space. Equipped with a shooting system, the cars move through nine screens. Although not all screens have gameplay.

Finally is a super compact Media Dark Ride. Single cars roll on tracks past static screens using forced perspective and special effect.

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