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Introducing Mammut…

Gardaland’s 1km coaster

Italy’s number one amusement park – Gardaland – was due to reopen on March 19 with an exciting new attraction that brings a flavour of the Arctic to the shores of Lake Garda.

Mammut (Mammoth) is the park’s latest rollercoaster, a 1km-long Vekoma Mine Train inspired by an excavation site hidden among the glaciers. The custom-designed attraction features no fewer than three lift sections and reaches speeds of up to 50 km/h.
Here’s the storyline: An expedition of scientists has come across a perfectly preserved frozen mammoth during its excavations at the North Pole.
A special train has been be constructed to transport materials to the site under very arduous, if not extreme conditions. On Mammut, Gardaland guests will be given a chance to ride this runaway train as snow, ice and rocks will strike awe into the hearts of even the bravest visitors.
But there’s a twist in the tail: During the excavation works, a beast that been extinct for centuries mysteriously starts to awake from its 1,000-year slumber. Panic and chaos reign as the scientists and technicians flee on the polar train
Mammut travels through sharp curves, steep climbs and exhilarating descents, with sixteen sudden changes of direction during the ride. The coaster comes equipped with three trains, each seating 50 rides.
The ride’s impressive theming has been planned down to the finest detail. All visible parts were designed and fabricated in-house at Gardaland’s workshops, and the finished product is said to be on the same scale as the park’s Fuga da Atlantide water ride.
With the arrival of Mammut, Gardaland has also ushered in a new zone, Polar World, the park’s sixth themed area, and an original one at that.

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