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Intercard and Pinnacle Entertainment join forces

At Intercard's IAAPA 2018 booth in Orlando are Intercard's CEO Scott Sherrod (c) with George (l) and Howard McAuliffe of Pinnacle Entertainment
At Intercard’s IAAPA 2018 booth in Orlando are Intercard’s CEO Scott Sherrod (c) with George (l) and Howard McAuliffe of Pinnacle Entertainment

Intercard and Pinnacle Entertainment Group have teamed up to serve the arcade and FEC market by providing each other’s clients with cashless technology and arcade consulting services. Both companies are well-known in the industry, have customers around the globe and even share a connection to the city of St. Louis.

The two companies have worked together informally since 1990, when Pinnacle’s president George McAuliffe was vice-president of operations at Edison Brothers Entertainment in St. Louis, running 135 arcades including those at Dave and Buster’s locations. Ray Sherrod, founder of St Louis-based Intercard, invited McAuliffe to test his new debit card technology at Edison’s arcades.

“We had already been exposed to the concept of play cards and I saw the potential in it,” recalled McAuliffe. “We bought our first Intercard system in 1998 and it’s been very friendly with [Ray’s son] Scott over the years. We’re fortunate to come together in this business. Intercard is of course, a leader in their field. We like to think we’re a leader in what we do. And so we are combining our talents together on behalf of our clients and the industry in general.”

“Intercard’s strength is our technology and Pinnacle’s strength is its knowledge in operating family entertainment centers and using our technology,” added Scott Sherrod, CEO of Intercard. “That and our combined decades of experience in the industry adds a tremendous amount of value for our mutual customers.”

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