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Intamin Amusement Rides announces double first

The world’s first Hot Racer and at the same time also the world’s first Launched Single-Rail Coaster named the “Big Dipper” successfully opened to the public on 26 December 2021 at Luna Park Sydney, Australia.

This Intamin Hot Racer is the centrepiece of Luna Park’s largest investment in multiple new rides. The “Big Dipper” packs ten thrilling elements and two launches into a compact layout stretching over two main areas making it Australia’s tallest and fastest Multi Launch Coaster.

After leaving the station and turning left into the rolling first launch, the train accelerates into a Stengel-dive and a zig-zag double-down providing the first airtime moments. After it has entered the boost section the train reaches a top speed of 72 km/h and is heading towards the iconic non-inverting loop ending in a sidewinder inversion. While rushing over an airtime hill, where the passengers experience -0.3g, followed by some high-speed s-curves passing over a fly-over wave turn, the train turns upside-down a second time with a flat spin. With a 180 degree turn and a twisting hop into the brakes, the train finally returns to the station.

The two 7-seater, race car themed inline-seating trains of the “Big Dipper” with ergonomically shaped seats and an over-the-shoulder-lap-bar, ensure maximum freedom and comfort in combination with highest safety for the passengers.

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