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Industry prepares for SEA Expo 2023

The Saudi Entertainment and Amusement (SEA) Expo, the Middle East’s largest gathering of leisure and entertainment professionals, is set to take place on 28-30 May 2023 at Riyadh’s International Convention Centre.

Saudi Arabia is stepping up attempts to substantially develop its entertainment, cultural, and leisure market into a multi-billion dollar economy as part of its social and economic blueprint Vision 2030, all while transforming the nation into a major tourist destination.

SEA Expo 2023 is expected to draw attention to Saudi Arabia’s investment plans and initiatives, covering the breadth of the country’s entertainment sector and placing an emphasis on the future.

“With plans from the Saudi Entertainment Ventures (Seven) to invest USD 13.3 billion to develop 21 integrated entertainment destinations in 14 cities, to the General Entertainment Authority (GEA) issuing licenses for more than 24 theme parks and 421 entertainment centres, the outlook for Saudi Arabia’s entertainment, leisure and tourism market over the next 7 years is overwhelmingly optimistic,” says Sarkis Kahwajian SEA Expo director, a part of DMG Events.

“Saudi Arabia is currently unrivalled in its ability to rapidly grow and cultivate their entertainment and leisure industry and at this year’s SEA Expo we want to demonstrate through our summits and on the show floor how the industry has evolved over the last few years and showcase what it has to offer over the next decade.”

The nation’s entertainment industry has placed a lot of emphasis on international partnerships. Saudi Entertainment Ventures, a division of PIF, has partnered with a number of international brands, including Warner Bros. Discovery, Clip ‘n Climb, and Mattel for its development of new entertainment destinations, in addition to purchasing 100% of US-headquartered AMC Entertainment Holdings in the Kingdom.

With two summits and over 300 exhibitors, SEA Expo will bring together industry experts from the Middle East and beyond to examine the current entertainment, leisure, and cultural market, network with experts from the private sector and government, and learn about the future of the nation’s entertainment sector through knowledge sharing and discussion with some of the top experts in the region.

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