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Huss announces first Explorer attraction at Amikoo

Huss Park Attractions has announced that the first project of its Explorer film based attraction will open at Cancun’s Riviera Maya in Mexico in 2019 at the new Amikoo Resort Destination Theme Park, currently being developed and scheduled to open next year.

The Amikoo attraction will take visitors on a deep sea exploration around the seas of Mexico to discover the varied sea life.

The Explorer provides the sensation of being immersed under the ocean by utilising cutting-edge technology, unrestricted views towards a 360° screen supporting large-format images, suitable sound effects, scents which pervade the ambience and the descending/ascending movement of the rider carrier.

A themed boarding area will initially engage visitors in the adventure. Guests will enter the 70-seat gondola, themed as a submarine, from a docking bay before it sinks into the deep abyss. The Amikoo Explorer also offers a mix of entertainment and education, featuring messages to raise awareness about the care of the planet and an emphasis on the oceans and bio-diversity.

The ride is accessible for guests with disabilities and wheelchair users. It is suitable for all ages and will provide the venue with a highly flexible attraction that, if required, can be refreshed very easily with a change of media content for a whole new experience.

“We are thrilled to be able to announce our first Explorer project and are especially happy that it will be installed in such a significant new development,” said Huss CEO Mirko J. Schulze. “The attraction will provide guests of the Amikoo resort with a truly immersive and breathtaking experience which will take them into another world and we are very much looking forward to its opening. I’m confident it will be a highly successful element of this new destination.”

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