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A new coaster was long overdue at Belantis, and now the park in Leipzig, Germany, has opened Huracan, its biggest investment since it opened back in 2003.

The new attraction is the latest Euro-Fighter from Gerstlauer Amusement Rides and features a signature vertical lift and beyond-vertical first drop followed by five inversions including a zero G roll, cobra roll and two interlocking corkscrews. The steel coaster stands 32-metres high and features over half-a-kilometre (560-metres) of track.

The ride’s bright red colour scheme can be seen from anywhere in the park, whose only other coaster is Drachenritt (Dragon Ride), a 2003 Bobsled coaster, also by Gerstlauer.

Huracan is the first Euro-Fighter to feature the manufacturer’s six-seater cars with tiered seating, originally used on Anubis: The Ride at Plopsaland in Belgium. With each of the three twin seats higher than the one before them, riders’ enjoy an unobstructed view of the action in front of them, including that outrageous first drop!

”We don’t have many coasters in Germany with five inversions,” notes Belantis spokesperson Andrea Fiedler. “The composition of the various inversions and the unusual track flow make this ride really special. Not to forget, of course, that gorgeous lifthill.”

“The feedback of our guests is amazing,” she adds. “Everyone is saying the moment the car changes from horizontal to vertical is magical!”

“We know this coaster will be a fantastic addition to Belantis and are very happy to partner with them,” concludes Gerstlauer managing director Siegfried Gerstlauer.

Media reaction to the ride has also been very positive, generating great coverage in many parts of Germany.

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